Sprider M25E


 STOP wheelbarrows !

Technical Features

  • Weight :  1250 kg
  • Load capacity : 30 t /h
  • Total lenght :  4.6 m
  • Delivery area : 40 m2
  • Sound level < 70 dBA
  • Stone size max. (asphalt) 0.31/5 mm
  • Stone size max. (gravals) 0,31/5 mm

Efficient and precise

Sprider gives you the opportunity to lay the exact quantity of asphalt just where you want it to be. Unfold the arms and start the screws !

Easy to clean

M25-E can be easily cleaned by introducing a cleaning ball in the moving screw. You just have to repeat this operation about 2 to 3 times to obtain a good result.

Better quality





It is important to keep asphalt at the right temperature to get a job of good quality. Thus, the articulated arm of M25-E is insulated. Consequently, apshalt can be kept at temperature during short journeys and stops, and asphalt does not have time to harden. Moreover, insulation prevents asphalt from sticking, which makes cleaning easy.

Safety and delivery precision

All movements and all functions of M25-E work in a precise and safe way thanks to a remote control radio that is designed for M25-E.

Better flexibility

Asphalt conveying screw is equipped with a demountable system. Thus, the M25-E can be taken off from the truck in about 10 minutes.

Working environment

With M25-E, we eliminate all manual labour linked to shovelling of heavy materials. Moreover, the screw of M25-E continuously mixes the material, which makes the asphalt malleable and the raking easy.