SAV Theam

At THEAM, the Service Center is :

  • Customized technical solutions to your problems.
  • SAV interventions in our workshops or at customer site (depending on the type of intervention)

…Versatility interventions

  • Concrete conveyor belt (all brands)
  • mixers (all brands mixers)
  • auger asphalt
  • Recodrive

…A reliable diagnoses :

  • No surprise, repairs are fair and appropriate.
  • Possibility of audits of your carpet.

…Training* Specific adapted

…of security…

  • Control of all security organs of the carpet is made for each intervention
  • Proposal maintenance contract (12 to 36 months) of your park to ensure the longevity and safety of your carpet.
  • Insurance of origin certified parts THEAM.
  • Certified  technicians to check and repair MADE brand line sensors (included driver training and monitoring provided PV)

*Possibility to support under certain conditions.

Contact our customer service :

Thierry Bourriaud (SAV technician and trainer)   : 06 88 05 89 55

Dimitri Dousset (SAV technician and trainer)   : 06 07 81 30 78

or email :