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New website, new factory!

The French Theam company celebrates its 40 years of existence in 2017. By investing in the future we have adapted our production tool. Freshly arrived in the town of Sautron, (near Nantes) Loire Atlantique is a site of 5300 m² covered  to receive you. You will discover our different sectors: Manufacturing, Welding, Painting, Assembly, Fitting, Shipping, Shop spare parts, Administrative, Commercial …

All concrete conveyor belts are made on site in France.

To continue this trend, we want to offer a solution that is in line with the current economic situation: efficient, profitable and innovative .

The efficiency and profitability of the “conveyor service”

The services are the key to increased efficiency for customers and better profitability for managers. Use a conveyor belt is a time saving and efficiency that generates higher profitability of projects for users. An additional tour of the day or several hours saved, this has a price. As the owner of the Theam conveyor, it is by renting, additional income and better satisfaction of his customer.

Innovation in the DNA of Theam strategy

Our innovation strategy has given us a pledge of seriousness and credibility with major international actors. We would indeed provide increasingly efficient and secure conveyor to perfectly meet the needs of our customers. Thus, the latest innovation, the T3D16 is unique and has already attracted several companies in France and abroad. This adds to the telescopic belt technology a “3D” chute head, allowing it to increase the delivery area (+ 35% compared to its counterpart without 3D chute), to deliver the concrete around corners, and propose a much more compact than the existing distance conveyor (7 meters). Always mindful of your jobsite issues, we are always in search of improvements through work from your feedback as users and our design office.

A better organized customer service, to ensure the performance of your conveyor belt

Because the effectiveness of Theam products do not reside only on the quality of manufacturing and design, you will also find a range of various services. A team of experienced technicians and available on that part of after-sales and maintenance of conveyor belt on spare parts no matter what brand you’re runing. With a stock of over 3,000 items, we answer you in the day about the availability and price of conveyor parts, mixers, Sprider, ReCoDrive etc. SAV interventions programming at Theam or on site, troubleshooting based on a relay service network in France and abroad trained and competent , audit of your equipment, check of your high power line detectors, preventive, curative, training …

Thus we wanted to mark a new stage in our development by proposing a new website more attractive and more comprehensive.

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