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EZ-Filler is an accessory to fit on a new (or existing) tipper to ensure safety on site. Fill in wheelbarrows without any risk.








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What is EZ-FILLER by THEAM ?
The EZ-FILLER is a tool to fill the wheelbarrows of asphalt or aggregates by avoiding that the operator is at the level of the hatch of the gate.

Safety on worksites
With the EZ-FILLER, the operator is 1 m away from the truck on the side (right or left). The risk of accident under the trap is averted.
The arm is equipped with beacons so that it is well spotted.
The systematic use of the radio control also protects the driver of the truck, away from the danger zone.

Precise and fast delivery
2 coordinated hatches make it possible to instantly stop the flow of the asphalt.
Heating the screws avoids thermal bridges. It is plugged into the truck’s batteries (and coupled to the truck’s lights).
The endless screws of the EZ-FILLER mix the asphalt and air to maintain its quality.
Better flexibility
The EZ-FILLER by THEAM is a removable system. It can fit on an exsisting truck *.
Thus, the dump truck keeps all its original versatility.
* Subject to technical validation : hydraulic compatibility to be checked necessarily.
Improvement of the working conditions
The EZ-FILLER reduces the drudgery on worksite by avoiding the driver of the truck or the operator at the hatch with a shovel when the asphalt is cold


SIZE——————————————————- STANDARD TAIL GATE
ARM LENGTH——————————————- 2 350 mm
WEIGHT————————————————- 600 KG
OVERALL HEIGHT when on delivery position— <4M*
*depends on the whole assembly truck + skip
LOAD CAPACITY—————————————- from 20 up to 30 TONS / H*
*depends on hydraulic system

– Insulated gate
– Heated gate screw
– Remote control
– Removable (3 stabilizers system) = no extra handling equipment necessary
– Adaptable with hydraulic gate


  • Heating on the 2nd screw
  • Sensor on the rear locking
  • Can be fitted on existing truck – must be pre-arranged for fitting

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