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Ultralite by Theam

SPECIAL GRAVELS : a tipper with a 6m conveyor to throw stones up to 30m.

Tipper with a conveyor to spread stones


Tipper Volume : —————————————15.1 m3
Through conveyor length ——————————–  6m
Delivery radius ——————————————— 180 ° (from left to right)
Weight —————————————————- 3879 kg
Maximum delivery distance with option Power Shield—— 30 m
Total height in transport position– < 4M* (*depends on the truck + ultralite)
Capacity ———————————————— 100T / H * (*depends on hydraulics)

Why use a Baylynx Ultralite by Theam ?

  • Quick and precise placement of material up to 120′ from back of truck
  • Patented load suspension beam allows for consistent and steady flow of materials
  • Reduces labour costs
  • Prevents broken / damaged foundations and mechanical/plumbing services
  • Reduces waste and contamination associated with onsite stockpiles& handling material with skid steers, excavators, etc.


  • Foundations / basements drainage & sub floors
  • Residential / commercial construction
  • Utility trench and petroleum tank backfill
  • Daylighting operations
  • Slab on grade construction
  • Blast hole stemming
  • Environmental remediation
  • Erosion control


Engineered, designed and modeled using Baylynx highest quality of standard that you have come to expect with all Bay-lynx products.

The aluminum extruded vertical panels are 2″ thick side panels engineered to lock together they are then fully welded to create a strong and rigid construction.

The smooth highly polished panels give a great dlook while the intergrated dual drive conveyor system ensures a seamless high speed unloading, by means of Bay-lynx patented load Suspension beam.

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  • Add RecoDrive to avoid the driver to get in /out the cabin. With ReCoDrive, you will be able to deliver gravels and at the same time move the truck slowly. * WARNING, respect safety on site and use ReCoDrive only if there is a good visibility. More Info

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