Telescopic conveyor with Rotating Chute 16 m – The only conveyor without a blind spot !

Conveying distance from 6.3 up to 15.8 m
Belt width 360 mm
Max. discharge rate 70 m3/h
Rotation 310°
Max. discharge height 7 m
Weight 3 170 kg
Structure Steel
Service and profitability at every step !

The best versatility :
360° non-stop rotating chute
3D extension ideal for shuttered walls
Reduce penibility on site, avoid the several in/out of the cabin

The best investment :
Several options in standard (3D extension, double rubber hopper, chute extension, hard covering chain system…)
Payload of 6m3 concrete*
*depends on truck and mixer configuration

High quality delivery :
Sliding system preventing concrete segregation
Can deliver every kind of concrete plasticity and gravels
Hood with quick opening for cleaning

Optional equipements :
High pressure washer
High voltage power line detector (HTA et HTB)
Remote support in the cabin with connector
Mixer chute UP/Down from the conveyor remote

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