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Quick release system

Versatile system, optimised for the needs of each site


→ Maximize the loading capacity of your truck by ONLY carrying what you actually need. Your work doesn’t require any conveyor belt? Leave it at the plant by taking it off your truck. You can then increase the quantity of concrete that you carry.

→ Connecting and/or disconnecting your conveyor from the truck only takes 5min!

camion avec et sans tapis


→ New ergonomic and compact system: the removable conveyor belt has an equivalent overhang to the fixed belt.

→ Centralized control of your machine with the Easy-System (available in the user’s language)

Quick release system


→ The underrun bar always stays on the vehicle. You lift and lock it through hydraulic control: the driver doesn’t need to carry anything!

→ Locking of the stabilizers

→ Sensors indicate the correct assembly locking and the position of the underrun bar (displayed on the dashboard). Other sensors available in option (extended stabilizers, cradel)

BAE nouveau système amovible

verrouillage de la béquille de l'amovible

Quick release system available on all of our conveyor belts.

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